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Nexxus keratin treatment benefits article

Keratin Treatment Benefits for Every Hair Issue

The Benefits of Using Keratin-Infused Products, For Every Hair Issue

So, you’ve decided to research keratin hair products after hearing so much about their repairing, gloss-giving benefits. We don’t blame you. If your locks are displaying signs of damage, chances are it’s been caused by the hair rituals you don’t plan on giving up any time soon, such as heat styling and coloring. And why should you?

You’ve made the first step towards improving your hair health and protecting it from future damage, but the big decision is yet to come: which keratin-infused products are right for you? Whatever your hair type or complaint, it’s likely Nexxus scientists have it covered, after pinpointing the exact proteins lost to different types of damage. What followed was the formulation of our advanced, science-backed ranges, engineered to replenish the proteins depleted by daily damage, like-for-like.

YOU HAVE: Visible Split Ends

TRY: Keraphix Masque

Here’s the thing: no hair product can reverse a split end or make it disappear completely. To achieve that you need to trim it off. But what good hair care can do is seal and smooth, preventing splits from traveling further up the hair shaft, causing even more irreparable damage. Case in point: the Keraphix Damage Healing Masque, designed to heal the wear and tear found in severely damaged hair, whether it’s been bleached, over styled or just neglected a little too long. It harnesses the replenishing power of keratin protein and black rice by plugging damage in the cuticle, as it’s often a peeling cuticle that triggers a split end in the first place. Use this deep conditioning mask once a week alongside the rest of the Keraphix collection, and experience instant smoothing and strengthening results.

ALSO AVAILABLE IN THE RANGE: Keraphix Damage Healing Shampoo and Keraphix Damage Healing Conditioner


YOU HAVE: Colored Hair Prone to Fade

TRY: Color Assure Long Lasting Vibrancy Shampoo (Link opens in new window.)

Rule one: Avoid stripping sulfates if you want your color to last (gentle cleansing is the essential first step to maintaining hair color).

Rule two: Replenish damage in the outermost cuticle layer to protect essential proteins and lock in moisture, as chemical coloring is a known hair dehydrator. The Color Assure Long Lasting Vibrancy Shampoo ticks all of the above boxes, as well as delivering restored strength and shine plus vibrant, longer-lasting color for up to 40 washes, thanks to a PROTEINFUSION blend with elastin protein and quinoa – a natural source of protein.

ALSO AVAILABLE IN THE RANGE: Color Assure Long Lasting Vibrancy Conditioner, Cleansing Conditioner, and Deep Moisture Masque


YOU HAVE: Dry, Dehydrated Strands

TRY: Humectress Ultimate Moisture Conditioner (Link opens in new window.)

Your hair type is largely down to genetics, so if you have curls, you probably inherited them from one (or both) of your parents. With textured hair comes a tendency for dryness due to a raised cuticle layer that allows more water loss. However, dryness and dehydration can’t be blamed entirely on your parents. External aggressors, such as heat styling, chemical coloring, brushing, and sun exposure, can all cause damage to the all-important cuticle layer, worsening a dry, brittle texture and zapping any remaining moisture from the hair shaft. Cue Humectress, a moisture-restoring conditioner infused with elastin protein and green caviar to seal and align the cuticle cells for stronger, shinier, healthier-looking hair.

ALSO AVAILABLE IN THE RANGE: Therappe Shampoo (Link opens in new window.), Humectress Ultimate Moisture Hair Masque, and Humectress Lightweight Leave-In Spray


YOU HAVE: Frizzy Hair Lacking Volume

Good news: styling products can harness the repairing benefits of protein, too. Sure, good hair starts in the shower (check out the Ultralight Smooth collection for a weightless protein hair care routine), but the styling products you use between hair-wash days will go a long way in boosting their effects. Finding that sweet spot between replenished and protected hair, and invisible, weightless style is key. The Lightweight Full Blow Dry Balm is infused with a PROTEINLOCK system containing damage-plugging elastin protein. The formula is so lightweight, your bouncy blow dry will stay all day.


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