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green tea

Celebrate American Heart Month with Lipton

Supporting a Healthy Heart

Did you know that drinking Unsweetened Lipton tea every day can help support a healthy heart, all while being a delicious way to hydrate? Daily consumption of 2-3 cups of unsweetened brewed tea providing between 200-500mg of flavonoids can help support a healthy heart along with a diet consistent with dietary guidelines. But what is it about unsweetened tea that’s so great for maintaining heart health?  It is the combination of flavonoid content, hydration, and no added sugar – read on to find out more!

Flavonoids 101

Flavonoids are health-promoting components naturally found in a variety of foods and beverages including tea, cocoa, fruits and vegetables. Incorporating flavonoids as part of a well-balanced diet can be one factor in helping to maintain a healthy heart. Food and beverages provide varying amounts of flavonoids, and tea is one of the best sources of flavonoids in the diet. Check out our infographic below to see how tea stacks up and see what makes unsweetened tea the ideal choice when you are looking for a refreshing drink that also helps support a healthy heart!
Flavonoid Infographic

Delicious Hydration: Making Water Fun

You may wonder if tea would be the perfect drink to hydrate. Tea is 99.5% water making it hydrating and refreshing like water. So you get the same refreshing benefits, while tasting something delicious.

Lipton Unsweetened Tea has Zero Calories

Lipton Unsweetened tea is picked at the peak of freshness with a naturally smooth taste. Tea with no added sugars such as unsweetened tea is a tasty beverage that contributes to a healthy diet, so you can continue sipping guilt-free today, tomorrow, and the next day!
Love Your Heart

Lipton is a proud national sponsor of the American Heart Association’s Life is Why (link opens in a new tab) program* that inspires people to live healthier, longer lives. Lipton is working with the Association to help raise awareness on the impact of diet and lifestyle on heart health, including the benefits of drinking unsweetened brewed tea. Learn more about the sponsorship here. (link opens in a new tab)

*The American Heart Association’s relationship is limited to unsweetened Black Tea and Green Tea

Lipton Heart Health