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Magnum ND toasted almond milkshake article

Non-Dairy Toasted Almond Milkshake

COOKING TIME: 5 mins     PREP TIME: 5 mins     SERVES: 1 people



  1. Preheat oven to 375°F.
  2. Spread sliced almonds on a rimmed baking sheet and bake for about 5 minutes until they smell toasted and turn golden brown.
  3. Let cool slightly then remove from pan and chop.
  4. In blender container place almond milk, almond milk non-dairy ice cream, cinnamon and 1/4 cup of the chopped almonds; blend until smooth.
  5. To serve, dip rim of milkshake glass in honey; then dip into remaining 1/4 cup chopped almonds.
  6. Pour milkshake into glass. Top with Magnum® Non-Dairy Almond Frozen Dessert Bar.


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