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Degree kick start your fitness goals article

Professional Exercise Tips from the Experts

Time to Kick-Start Your Fitness Goals.

For a starting push, everyday exercise tips or technique advice, turn to the experts – that’s the personal trainers, the sports coaches and the long-time fitness enthusiasts.

From hacks to reach your goals to the most effective routines, these are fitness tips straight from the pros. With these, and a spray of Degree Antiperspirant Deodorant Dry Spray (Link opens in new window.) to help keep you feeling fresh, you’re good to go.

1 Leading Nutrition Expert: Time Yourself

I use the Pomodoro Technique. It’s a work/break timer where you work for a set amount of time in intervals and then break for a set amount of time. For me, it’s 45/10. In the break, I’ll grab a drink and do a quick mobility routine consisting of stretches and squats.

2 Back-Basics Fitness Coach: 100 A Day

I sneak in exercise by focusing on one movement each day. Pick an exercise – push-ups, squats, jumping jacks – and do 100 reps throughout the day. That sounds tough but it isn’t. Just do five here and there. Or sets of 20. It’s up to you. And there are plenty of restful gaps in between. Just get it done!

3 Fitness Coach to Elite Athletes: Don’t Give In

I like personal days (who doesn’t?) but don’t want to be completely inactive for that many hours. I’ll always set myself the same super-simple task – get up and go for a walk. Micro-movements like this can be enough to keep you active during the laziest of days.

4 Athlete Performance Coach: Keep Going

Even when I’m tired, I always do lunges and push ups. They’re never perfect when I’m lacking energy. But activity is activity, however you’re feeling. You’ll eat and sleep better when you’re active – both huge catalysts for driving you toward your health and fitness goals.

5 Fitness Enthusiast: Move More

If I’m stuck in a long meeting and feel my muscles stiffening, I do something called ‘isometric muscle contractions’. Tense certain muscles – your thighs, calves, arms, stomach – for 10 seconds. It stops them from falling asleep. Plus, I always take calls standing up or walk around during coffee breaks.

6 Science Writer and Running Expert: Multitask

I’ve started combining going for a short run with doing a mini-shopping trip two or three times a week, carrying groceries in my backpack. That way I get some exercise and save time that I would otherwise spend on a big weekly shopping trip in my car. Always having fresh food in the house is a bonus.


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