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Nexxus properly care for wavy hair article

Properly Care for Wavy Hair

Although it can help you achieve the coveted undone, beachy look, wavy hair can be more difficult to maintain and look after than many realize. It’s important to strike the right balance of moisturization definition – some products can be too heavy for your likely finer strands, while others can do little to tame the natural texture that can easily tip into frizz.

It’s also worth taking into account that – although this may seem obvious – wavy hair is different from curly hair on a microscopic level and should always be treated as such. Most products specifically created for curly hair will likely be too heavy for wavy hair. The key is ensuring you use products that help with definition but don’t weigh waves down. Here, we’ll run you through the ingredients to look out for and which products are going to be your waves’ new best friends…

The importance of keratin for wavy hair

One of the key building blocks of hair, keratin is an important protein to include when you want to strengthen fine and wavy hair. It works to fill in any gaps of the hair cuticle, which means the overall strand of the hair is much stronger and less likely to break. That combination will help you achieve gorgeously defined waves. Nexxus’ Keraphix range – a heavier formula designed to help seal severely damaged hair – is the ideal solution here, thanks to a powerful blend with not only keratin but collagen and elastin too – all of which are proteins that support the hair’s shaft without weighing it down. The Keraphix range also combines black rice and other essential nutrients for clinically proven, healthy-looking hair. The range, which includes a damage-repairing shampoo, a nourishing conditioner, and a restoring, protective deep-conditioner, ensures smoother, stronger hair after just one wash.

The importance of protective leave-in spray for wavy hair

Using a lightweight spray post-wash, pre-styling will help lock in all the goodness of your natural movement while protecting your hair against heat damage. Try Nexxus’ Prep & Protect Leave-In Spray; it’s a must-have primer for waves as it weightlessly moisturizes, effortlessly detangles, boosts shine, and adds softness… all essentials for beautiful, natural waves. It contains a blend with elastin protein alongside hyaluronic acid – which is known and loved for its moisture-retaining properties. Best used by spraying from root to tip into freshly washed hair, it can be followed up with other styling products in Nexxus’ Weightless range to help perfect the loose wave look.

The importance of emollients for wavy hair

More commonly spoken about in the skin care world, emollients are also great for wavy hair types. Emollients in hair products are mostly oils or fatty acids that help hair to absorb the all-important nutrients and moisture, in order to smooth strands. You just need to ensure they’re not too heavy – otherwise they could weigh your hair down. That being said, you don’t want them to be too light either, as you could end up with unwanted frizz. Enter Nexxus’ Therappe & Humectress Ultimate Moisture Shampoo, which uses an emollient called glycol distearate that is known for striking the right balance of hydration and weightlessness.

The importance of multitasking wonders for wavy hair

As it’s so important to ensure you don’t end up weighing waves down with super-heavy hydration, you’re going to want to try the Nexxus Weightless Styling range. The Shape & Define Multi-Styler checks all the wavy-hair boxes: it’s scientifically formulated with a combination of flexible polymers that provide a medium hold, while still ensuring hair has a natural-looking, movable finish thanks to its formula that leaves no build-up. Raked through damp hair, it’ll smooth flyaways, create shape, add definition, and build texture to leave you with the most natural shape and shine. Plus, it can be used as a finishing cream: simply smooth onto dry ends and go. Magic.


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