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LIV read this before your next afternoon slump article

Read This Before Your Next Afternoon Slump

Ever experienced a physical and mental “low-battery” moment in the afternoon? Most of us are probably raising—maybe even frantically waving—our hands. It has to do with our body’s circadian rhythm, which naturally lags from 1–4 p.m. Though it’s normal, our busy lives often demand us to power through. Enter, five energy boosts that don’t automatically equate to a second (or fourth) cup of coffee. See below for five quick tips that will perk you up and revive your sense of focus and motivation.


Oxygen can be a great tool to wake up the body and reclaim some energy. One quick method is via a yoga technique called Breath of Fire. Especially when fatigue sets in, this technique is thought to deliver increased oxygen to the brain and restore balance to the parasympathetic nervous system. It’s important to get the technique right though, so as not to get dizzy through intense inhales and exhales, especially if you are unfamiliar. If you’d prefer to be guided, here’s a quick tutorial by Donna Farhi, a yoga teacher with 40 years of experience. Even one minute of this yogic breath has the potential to punch up your energy levels.


Exercising when you’re feeling the slump is helpful, but often not practical if you need to hit a deadline. Between the change into workout wear and the sweating, it might be hard to switch gears. Instead, take a break without breaking a sweat with wall push-ups. This modified version will help strengthen your back and core muscles, which in turn will improve your posture at your desk, allowing for better breathing, oxygenation, and energy to come your way after.


Midday exhaustion can often be attributed to the fact our bodies have been glued to technology all day. Back slumped over, eyes bleary from the blue light, neck in a crick—it’s all too common and it can zap our energy. Just so you know, Zoom fatigue is very real. A quick respite is recommended every two hours; look away from the screen for around 15 minutes and blink to lubricate the eyes and readjust vision. Even better, get some vitamin D and walk around the block for even 10 minutes.


According to a few key studies, the art of a good playlist is actually more of a science. The power of music can shift your energy from sleepy to ecstatic. For simple tasks, like checking emails for example, pick tunes you’re familiar with. When trying to learn, stick to instrumentals or binaural beats (the lyric-less sounds will keep you focused). Finally, when it comes to hitting your stride in creative work, lean on music with 50-80 bpm.


If you’re looking to feel fully charged, perhaps the most important step is to have a great-tasting refreshment by your deskside—bonus points if it replaces your daily allotment of artificial sweeteners and diet soda. Switch it up with Yuzu Pineapple Energy Multiplier. This new, bright and revitalizing blend of pineapple plus tart yuzu features a proprietary blend of Coffeeberry® Energy Extract, CognatIQ™ Coffee Fruit Extract, and L-Theanine for physical energy and a cognitive boost. But let’s break down these supercharged ingredients further. The Coffeeberry offers a natural organic source of caffeine for a physical energy boost sourced through zero-waste process. CognatIQ™ provides nootropic support, clinically shown to help support mental functions such as memory and alertness. And finally, L-Theanine is an amino acid that helps support brain function, mental clarity, and focus for a cognitive boost without the crash. Translation? Your latest midday ritual will provide productivity-boosting hydration, along with other functional benefits that extend beyond caffeine’s capabilities.


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