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Axe shower with dry skin feel amazing article

Shower with Dry Skin & Feel Amazing

Getting dry skin after showering makes as much sense as that DM you sent two years ago somehow still being unread. Or why water drains the other way when you flush the toilet in Australia. Or your math homework.

Anyway, shower good, dry skin not good.

So, we’ve come up with a routine to show you how to wash dry skin and how to look after dry skin when you’ve just gotten out of the shower. And we’ve also got our picks for moisturizing shower gels that can be used on dry skin.

You’ll feel so much more confident when you’re treating your skin like a VIP.


There are a few things you can do in the shower that’ll help stop your skin from drying out as much. And luckily, freestyling bars for your next mixtape isn’t on there. Here’s what we’ve got:

Take cooler showers… We’re not talking about taking a shower that can nail a no-look crossbar challenge first time; we’re talking heat – hot water strips away natural oils quicker and will leave your skin feeling dryer.

…Or shorter ones. If you love warm showers but you’re still trying to figure out how to wash dry skin best, take a shorter shower!

Take fewer showers. We know showers are great, but you might be jumping in there too often for your lifestyle. We reckon we’ve cracked the formula over here.

Swap out your products. Look at using a shower gel or body wash for dry skin or sensitive skin – a lot of shower gels clean a bit too well and remove your skin’s natural oils.

And if you’re looking for a new shower gel suitable for dry skin – try looking for one that’s dermatologist tested, with plant-based moisturizers that’ll keep your skin hydrated, and free from parabens. Maybe (just maybe) that shower gel could also wash away odor-causing bacteria and leave you smelling epic for 12 hours. 

But such a thing couldn’t exist… could it? 

So now you’ve got your shower gel sorted and your dry skin shower routine nailed, it’s time to think about the post-shower plan.


Sorting out the showering is only half the battle. And as much fun as it is, sitting in your towel on your bed, looking at your phone for half an hour, our post-shower routine will probably help your dry skin out a bit more than that.

Pat yourself down. Thrashing yourself all over with your towel might seem like the best (or quickest) option here, but it’s not great for your skin because it irritates it. Patting yourself down with your towel is the better, less rough way to do it.

Moisturize. Try to moisturize within like three minutes of getting out of the shower. It basically stops the water from evaporating off your skin, meaning the water’s moisture stays in contact with your skin longer. Sounds like magic – and when you try it, you might just believe it is.

Alright, so it turns out knowing how to wash dry skin (and how to look after dry skin, post-shower) is pretty easy. And you’ll feel so much more confident when you’re treating your skin like a VIP. Plus, with Axe Body Wash (Link opens in new window.) you’ll have an awesome high-definition scent all over you for 12 hours. And when you smell epic, you make epic things happen.


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