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Dove six reasons to adapt your routine article

Skin Care Tips: 6 Reasons to Adapt Your Routine

From what to use for washing and moisturizing during cool periods to keeping your face and body happy when the sun’s out – here are our best skin care tips for when to adapt your regular routine.

1 During the day.

Just from being out and about during the day our skin can get dry from changes in temperature and weather. To nourish skin and help keep it feeling hydrated through the day, use a moisturizing body wash, a regular gentle exfoliator and light body lotion. (Link opens in new window.) Combined, these three things should help maintain your skin’s naturally healthy look 

2 Nighttime.

Wondering how to improve skin as you sleep? We love multitasking and one of the best nighttime skin care tips we know of is removing all traces of make-up before bed. Try washing your face with a Dove Beauty Bar (Link opens in new window.) instead of your usual cleanser: the unique formula, with ¼ moisturizing cream, helps to improve the look and feel of your skin over time. Pick a product like Dove Original Beauty Cream Bar and apply it with a soft cloth before rinsing off with warm water 

3 It’s cold.

During cooler weather, our faces and bodies tend to be more sensitive to dryness, so moisturizing products are important to nourish skin and keep it feeling its best. Dove Deeply Nourishing Body Wash (Link opens in new window.) helps replenish skin-natural lipids and help keep dry skin at bay

4 Hot weather.

Hot weather can leave skin feeling parched, so choosing a body wash that helps leave you feeling lightly hydrated can make all the difference. Dove Go Fresh Revive Body Wash helps prepare skin for hot weather with its nourishing formula and refreshing pomegranate and lemon verbena fragrance

5 It’s humid.

It’s not just our hair that suffers during humid spells, our skin can feel clammy and uncomfortable, too. One of our best skin care tips for humid spells is to use a refreshing shower product before you face the day. Dove Go Fresh Fresh Touch Beauty Cream Bar refreshes skin with a cool, crisp cucumber scent to leave you feeling revitalized.

6 At the beach.

Wondering how to get perfect skin for summer? Start with a gently exfoliating wash in the shower, like Dove Gentle Exfoliating Body Wash, to buff off dead skin. Now you’ve got soft, smooth skin, apply plenty of sunscreen and you’re ready to go. Our last skin care tips for the beach is to finish your day with an after-sun lotion once you’re out of the sun, to nourish skin and maintain your healthy glow.


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