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Nexxus smooth hydrate your hair article

Smooth & Hydrate Your Hair

When it comes to achieving glossy, sleek strands, controlling frizz is crucial. But as tempting as it is to throw any and every ‘frizz-fighting’ product you can at your hair, it’s crucial to first, understand what frizz is, and second, choose products that work to counteract the root causes – as opposed to just mask it.

Hair is made up of 90% protein, and it’s the depletion of this strand-building fiber that causes hair to become dry, damaged, and badly behaved. The cuticle, or the outer layer of the hair, is responsible for regulating moisture that goes in and out of the hair shaft, and when the cells that make it up are raised (either due to your hair type or external damage from things such as rough brushing), humidity is drawn in, hair swells, and frizz appears. We’re all born with a unique hair texture, so being aware of the external aggressors that can compromise your own hair’s protective cuticle is important, but replenishing lost moisture in the hair is the critical step if you want to tame frizz. The best way to do this? Through protein, of course.

How protein repairs the cuticle

In order to bolster the protective cuticle and shield the hair’s bonds from frizz-causing humidity, you need to smooth over and align its raised outer cells. The Nexxus Ultralight Smooth (Link opens in new window.) system contains a unique PROTEINFUSION blend boasting almond protein and jasmine flower. The range, which includes a weightless protection shampoo and conditioner and a frizz defy cream serum, is all silicone-free and tackles frizz at the source. By replenishing the hair of its lost proteins, you’re essentially plugging the gaps that leave hair fragile and exposed to further damage and dehydration. Nexxus hair scientists have focused their work on pinpointing the exact proteins lost due to specific types of damage, teaming the best proteins from nature with other nourishing, strand-boosting ingredients. Every range features a unique PROTEINFUSION blend to deliver bespoke hair care for all texture types and challenges because when it comes to hair, a cookie-cutter approach simply will not do.

The power of protein to hydrate and heal

Protecting hair from those pesky external aggressors will go a long way towards minimizing damage and dried-out ends, therefore blocking out humidity. Make sure you use a protective spray before heat styling, reach for hair care designed to replenish color-treated hair, and avoid overzealous brushing that can cause fragile hair to snap and break. Alongside these simple switches, ensure you’re giving frizz-prone hair the right kind of TLC.

Nexxus’ Ultralight Smooth range’s PROTEINFUSION blend contains almond protein – abundant in moisture-repelling amino acids – and jasmine flower – thanks to its ultra-light, moisturizing properties – that work together to form a weightless, invisible barrier around every strand to block out humidity and frizz, leaving hair looking and feeling soft and smooth. Not to mention the range is 100% silicone-free, meaning hair isn’t weighed down and keeps its natural movement.


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