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Pond's best cold cream cleansing routine article

The Best Cold Cream Cleansing Routine for Your Skin Type

When it comes to removing dirt and makeup for clean, soft, and glowing skin, you can count on a cult classic, POND’S® Cold Cream Cleanser. But did you know there is a right way to use POND’S® Cold Cream? (Link opens in new window.) Depending on your skin type the way to use it may change. See how one powerful jar can work for three different skin types: oily, dry, and sensitive skin, and learn how to use it to your advantage!

Applying POND’S® Cold Cream Cleanser 

Skin type: All skin types

Whether your skin is oily, dry, or sensitive, the way to apply POND’S® Cold Cream Cleanser is the same. Start out with clean, dry, hands and with two fingers scoop out a bit of Cold Cream Cleanser from the jar. Apply a light layer over your entire face, massaging gently, and watch this cleanser work its magic.

Removing POND’S® Cold Cream Cleanser

Skin type: Oily

WHAT IS OILY SKIN: Oily skin is typically associated with having enlarged pores, shiny skin, and at times leads to blackheads, pimples, or other blemishes. When the skin is stripped of oil, it often over-produces oil, giving skin that greasy look and feel.

WHAT TO USE: Warm, damp washcloth.

WHY IT WORKS: Unlike some ordinary cleansers, POND’S® Cold Cream Cleanser combines deep cleansing with face moisturizer to remove dirt, makeup and even stubborn waterproof mascara, without clogging your pores. Skin is left hydrated and feeling soft. When used with a warm damp washcloth, the pores are known to open for a deeper cleanse. Rinse if desired! Plus, no need to wash your face with water after!

Skin type: Dry

WHAT IS DRY SKIN: People with dry skin tend to have a somewhat dull complexion and flaky skin, maintaining skin’s moisture may help to alleviate dryness.

WHAT TO USE: Use cotton rounds, we recommend a Q-tips® Beauty Round.

WHY IT WORKS: POND’S® Cold Cream  is a hypoallergenic no-rinse product that is tough on your makeup, but gentle and suitable for sensitive skin. Try to remove it with the softest, less irritating, cloth or sponge available. Because of their soft nature, microfiber cloths may work well. Bonus : POND’S Cold Cream is unlike some drying soaps won’t strip your skin after cleansing.

Skin type: Sensitive

WHAT IS SENSITIVE SKIN: Experiencing redness, itching, burning, and dryness may be an indicator of sensitive skin. If you have sensitive skin, consult with your dermatologist to discuss the best way to manage it. Finding out what triggers these signs and avoiding those triggers may help alleviate the skin.

WHAT TO USE: Damp microfiber cloth.

WHY IT WORKS: POND’S® Cold Cream is a cleanser that is actually 50% moisturizer, so it infuses your skin with vital moisture. When removing your makeup, instead of a wet washcloth try a dry cloth or Q-tips® Beauty Round. This may leave more of the Cold Cream moisturizer on your skin to help combat the dryness. Best of all, you don’t have to wash your face when you’re done!


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