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Axe do's don'ts applying fragrance article

The Do’s and Don’ts of Applying Fragrance

So, you’ve got your first can of enticing, irresistible Axe body spray. Congrats! You’re ready to layer it on and get out there in the world, so everyone can tell you how great you smell. But wait a minute. Is there a right way to do this? How do you apply this miracle in a bottle?

There is a technique for how to put on body spray, so hold tight. This article will give you everything you need to know for smelling irresistible in just the right amount. Thankfully, it’s not that hard! Just follow these tips to avoid any major missteps and once you’ve done it a couple of times, it’s easy as apple pie.


  • Use it with deodorant – not instead of. Sometimes you need more than just underarm odor protection. Body spray doesn’t replace deodorant, it enhances it, covering areas your deodorant doesn’t.
  • Start with clean dry skin. The best time to apply fragrance is shortly after you’ve showered, once your skin is dry. That’s how to wear cologne, and it works the same with body spray. Make it a step in your morning grooming routine.
  • Spray it about 6 inches from your body. Hold the can too far away, and you’re just spraying your bedroom. Hold it too close and you’re gonna get uneven coverage.
  • Aim for pulse points. A pulse point is a warm area on your body. Fragrance works well here because the heat from your skin activates it. The best pulse points for cologne are the chest, neck or even the creases behind your elbows.
  • Use fragrance daily. Our fragrances are designed to be light and long-lasting for daily use. Apply every day to get that sweet, sweet fragrance benefit.


  • Over-do it. Our fragrances are designed to last, so you can apply your spray once in the morning and go about your day. When putting on cologne, less is more and you can always reapply: if you think you need a top-up, give yourself a quick spritz over your clothes.
  • Be afraid to try different scents. It’s good to have a few fragrances at the ready: different occasions call for different scents, and don’t necessarily want to smell the same at work as on a first date. Have a look at Axe’s top-selling fragrances and how to find your signature scent.
  • Apply it down there. Trust us, there’s no need (knees are fine but nothing higher than that!) It can be irritating. So, where do you put fragrance on your body? You’ll smell great just focusing on your upper body. Stick to body wash when you want to smell great all over.
  • Rub it in. Fragrances and colognes are designed to activate in contact with your skin and change over time. After applying fragrance, rubbing the spot where you’ve applied fragrance can create more heat and make the scent less effective. Just apply and let it air dry – it shouldn’t take more than a few seconds.

Our fragrances are designed so you smell irresistible, whether you’re partying or studying hard, on a hike or on a first date. Most of all, they’re designed to lift your confidence and make you feel good about yourself, so give yourself a spritz or two and get out there. The world is waiting.

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