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Nexxus understanding protein science article

Understanding How Protein Science Helps Thicken Fine Hair

If you know anything about hair, you’ll know it’s made up of mostly protein (90%, to be exact). So, it’s a no-brainer that Nexxus scientists are harnessing the power of protein to repair, strengthen and thicken fine strands.

Our hair is under constant attack from external aggressors: heat, chemical coloring, pollution, UV rays, and friction damage from our hairbrushes and pillows, to name a few. The hair cuticle – a protective lipid layer that shields the inner core – takes the first hit, opening, cracking, and even degrading in areas heavily exposed to damage. Protein-infused haircare targets these areas of weakness, bolstering the cuticle’s protective abilities to prevent future breakage. NEXXUS scientists have dedicated their work to the study of proteins, also known as proteomics, and have made some interesting discoveries about how different proteins can be used to target different types of hair damage.

Understanding proteins in haircare

Our hair is made of protein, which is formed by molecules called amino acids. Unlike skin, our hair can’t heal or regenerate (wouldn’t it be amazing if it could?), so once the damage is done, only a time machine or a trim can fix a raised, cracked, or split cuticle. That’s why preventing fragile strands from taking on more damage is the key: the more damage a strand is exposed to, the more prone it is to breakage. And breakage is something you’ll want to prevent at all costs if you already suffer from fine, thinning hair. Every NEXXUS range has a unique PROTEINFUSION blend designed to counteract a specific type of hair damage. In other words, NEXXUS scientists have identified which proteins and nutrients your hair loses based on the cause of your damage. Very clever stuff.

What’s the best protein for fine hair?

The new Unbreakable Care Range was born after NEXXUS scientists discovered that fine hair has a smaller inner cortex than thick hair, and that an amino acid called arginine boasts more inner-core-strengthening benefits than any other. As a result, the line’s unique complex of repairing, protein-rich ingredients (including the likes of collagen, biotin, spirulina, and an advanced regenerative keratin protein), promises to deliver stronger, fuller, thicker-looking hair with up to 97% less breakage*. Have a think about your hair type or a specific hair concern you’re struggling with… chances are there’s a Nexxus PROTEINFUSION blend engineered to treat it.

Which PROTEINFUSION is best for curly or color-treated hair?

Curly and coily hair types tend to be more fragile due to an elliptical follicle shape which causes natural bends in the cuticle. The NEXXUS Curl Define range was developed to restore strength from within while strengthen and moisturizing curls and coils from 3A up to 4C, thanks to a host of strengthening ingredients including silk protein, rich in amino acids (which are between two and six times more prevalent in curly hair compared to straight) and ​​marula oil, which provides an optimal balance of moisture – the key when it comes to curl definition, softness and shine.

NEXXUS scientists were also able to pinpoint the main proteins and amino acids lost during the coloring process, and from their findings, developed the Color Assure Range (Link opens in new window.), infused with elastin protein to target that specific protein loss and maintain color vibrancy.

*vs non-conditioning shampoo


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