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OIT fun valentines day crafts for kids article

Fun Valentine’s Day Crafts For Kids



We found a bunch of fun crafts to do with the kids for Valentine’s Day! Many of us are spending a lot of time at home & running out of new things to do, so keep those little hands busy & try these crafts today!

Melted Crayon Hearts

Put your kids’ old and broken crayons to use with this project that results in a great gift for their friends. Mom Luck (link opens in a new tab)  provides instructions on how to make this fun and easy craft with your kids.

This Much Card

Get hands-on with this fun, accordion-style Valentine’s card using supplies you likely have around the house. Check out A Day In My Life’s blog (link opens in a new tab)  for the easy instructions.

Monster Box

What better way to deliver Valentines than by stuffing them in a kooky monster’s mouth? Using an old tissue box and the instructions on Giggles Galore’s (link opens in a new tab)  website, you and your kids can make this adorable monster box.

Snow Globe Valentine

Have some empty baby food jars? Recycle them to create special Valentine’s Day keepsakes for your kids’ friends. With just a few supplies, they are easy to make. Just follow Dandee’s (link opens in a new tab)  step by step instructions.

Baking Cup Flowers

Looking to make unique Valentines for your kids to share this year? Pick up some lollypops and colorful cupcake liners to make these adorable (and sweet!) flowers. Skip to my Lou (link opens in a new tab)  provides step-by-step instructions with photos so you can send your child to school with a bouquet of sweet Valentines.

The Day It Rained Hearts Valentine’s Day Decoration

This cute craft is based on a children’s Valentine’s Day book about a girl who caught hearts that rained from the sky and studied them to find that each was unique in its own way. Following i heart crafty things’ instructions, you and your kids can craft Valentine’s décor with a special story behind it.

Valentine’s Day Pencils

Get crafty with school supplies to make these fun and festive Valentine pencils. Thanks to The Gunny Sack (link opens in a new tab) for this cute idea.

A Long Distance Hug

Send a hug to a long distance relative or friend with this cute craft. Combining cutouts of your child’s handprints and a ribbon the length of their arm span, it’s as close to the real thing as you can get. This idea courtesy of The Party Event. (link opens in a new tab)

Valentine Puppy Craft

This is the perfect craft for anyone who loves puppies. Did you know you can make a cute puppy face with nothing but heart shapes? All you need is construction paper, scissors, and glue. Follow Crafty Morning’s instructions. (link opens in a new tab)

Suncatcher Craft

Heart-shaped suncatchers are a great way to decorate for Valentine’s Day and add a warm glow to any room with a window. Follow the instructions by Makobi Scribe. (link opens in a new tab)

Love Tree

There’s nothing greater than the love among family, and this sentimental Valentine’s Day craft is a fun way to bring everyone together. Plan to get crafty on your next family night and follow One Creative Mommy’s simple instructions to make these love trees. (link opens in a new tab)

Heart Shaped Pancakes

Start Valentine’s Day with a breakfast made with love. Your kids can help make heart shaped pancakes with One Creative Mommy’s simple instructions. Pass the syrup! (link opens in a new tab)

Recycled Seed Paper Valentines

Looking for a unique Valentine idea? These recycled paper hearts will grow when you plant them! Teach your kids how to recycle paper while making these seed paper Valentines. This idea courtesy of JaMonkey. (link opens in a new tab)

Bee Valentine’s Mailbox

To receive Valentines, your child will need the perfect mailbox, and this bee box from Mom Endeavors (link opens in a new tab)  is an adorable option. With this cute box sitting on their desk, everyone will want to “bee” your child’s Valentine!

Heart Rice Krispie Treats

Have some fun in the kitchen with your kids as you make these treat pops from Skip to my Lou. (link opens in a new tab) You’ll need a heart cookie cutter or a pan with heart shapes and plenty of sprinkles for decorating.

Candy Airplane Valentines

Boys and girls will love this airplane Valentine that they can play with AND eat! Skip the traditional Valentine cards and delight your kids’ classmates with this fun and easy craft idea from Ampersand Design Studio. (link opens in a new tab)

Valentine Heart Leis

Celebrate Valentine’s Day by dressing up with a Valentine lei. Makezine (link opens in a new tab) has the details on how to make these colorful necklaces that girls will love.

Cupid’s Arrows Treats

Get hit by Cupid’s arrow right in the sweet tooth with these yummy treats. With instructions from Organize & Decorate Everything (link opens in a new tab) and with the help of an adult, kids can put together Cupid’s arrows to munch on or share with friends.

Despicable Me “You’re One in a Minion” Twinkie Valentines Day Craft

The adorable, kooky minions from Despicable Me and the Minions movies were a hit among kids and parents alike. With Crafty Morning’s (link opens in a new tab) instructions, you and your kids can craft these minion Valentines to hand out to all their classmates.

Valentine’s Marshmallow Pops

For those who love marshmallows (read: just about every kid ever), Glorious Treats (link opens in a new tab) has a simple tutorial to make these festive Valentine treats. Gather your favorite red, pink, and white sprinkles to get started.

Valentine Fingerprint Photo Frame

This colorful picture frame makes a great Valentine gift for grandparents, plus kids will love getting hands-on and a little messy. Thanks to One Artsy Mama (link opens in a new tab) for this great idea.

Dipped Pretzels

A few things kids love: sprinkles, sweet treats, and decorating those sweet treats. Gather supplies to decorate pretzels for Valentine’s Day and spend some time in the kitchen together. 5 Minutes for Mom (link opens in a new tab) shows you how.

Fruit Roll-Up Fortune Cookies

You and your kids may get a little sticky crafting these sweet, fun Valentines. Fortunately, this unique idea is sure to be a hit! Create these fortune “cookies” following easy instructions from She Knows. (link opens in a new tab)

String of Hearts Garland

Looking to spruce up your home for Valentine’s Day? Ask for your kids’ help to make this colorful heart garland. This project is easy, and you’ll only need construction paper, staples, and string. Follow Paging Supermom’s (link opens in a new tab) simple directions.

My Perfect Match Valentines

Not only are these tasty Valentines a cute play on words, but they are also super easy to make. Plan an afternoon craft date with your kiddos and snack on pretzel sticks while you make munchable matchsticks. Instructions by The 36th Avenue. (link opens in a new tab)

Cupid’s Arrow Valentines

Turn pencils into Cupid’s arrows and aim for the perfect non-candy Valentines. You’ll find the instructions and printable tags at This Mama Loves (link opens in a new tab) blog.

Pipe Cleaner Love Goggles

The indecisiveness of what to wear on Valentine’s Day can be quickly resolved with these groovy love goggles. This easy craft by Make and Takes (link opens in a new tab) provides the perfect Valentines flair for your kids.

Borax Crystal Hearts

Not only is this clever craft from Club Chica Circle (link opens in a new tab) a cool science experiment for the kids, it also results in sparkly Valentines décor. Whip together your ingredients and watch the crystals grow.

Fingerprint Heart Ornaments

Adding a homemade keepsake to your Valentines gives them a special, personal touch. Your kids can use their fingerprints to stamp a unique heart onto each ornament. Simply follow Mum in the Madhouse’s (link opens in a new tab) instructions.

Flowering Tree

Kids of all ages can participate in this easy craft that makes a great gift for parents or grandparents. Grab the construction paper, scissors, and glue and follow Krokotak’s (link opens in a new tab) tutorial.

Pom Pom Monsters

Stray from the traditional Valentines cards and candy this year and have your kids make these adorable pom pom monsters for their friends. These little guys make cute Valentine desk pets. Find the tutorial at Practically Functional. (link opens in a new tab)

Toilet Roll Love Bugs

Repurpose your empty toilet paper tubes to make these love bugs for Valentine’s Day. Kids of all ages can participate in this craft from Red Ted Art. (link opens in a new tab)

Solo Cup Heart Man

This googly-eyed heart man requires just a few supplies and can make for a fun desk decoration for Valentine’s Day. Get your kids started with some scissors and construction paper, and follow the instructions by Crafty Morning. (link opens in a new tab)

Valentine’s Slime

Kids will have fun getting slimy and gooey with this homemade Valentines slime. Find the recipe on Little Bins for Little Hands’ (link opens in a new tab) blog and bring some science into your kitchen.

Cheerio Bird Feeders

Pair this easy bird feeder craft with a lesson about nature and loving all creatures, big and small. Young children will have fun stringing Cheerios and then observing the local wildlife visit for a snack. Find the tutorial at Red Ted Art. (link opens in a new tab)

Cupid’s Strawberry Float

Take a break from crafting Valentine gifts and décor for a sweet treat. Your kids will love helping in the kitchen and sipping on this festive float. Follow the recipe by Frugal Coupon Living. (link opens in a new tab)

Valentine Robot Snacks

Heat up the hot glue gun and break open the googly eyes to get started on these robots that can be handed out as Valentines or brought to the classroom for a V-Day snack. Crafty Morning (link opens in a new tab) suggests several substitutions if you’re looking to make a healthier version.

Candy Kabobs

It’s no secret that kids love sugar, so what could be better than sweets on a stick? Smaller kids may need mom’s help with the sharp skewer, but kids of all ages can help make these treat kabobs. Thanks to Mom Endeavors (link opens in a new tab) for the idea.

Heart Animals

Housing A Forest (link opens in a new tab) has lots of great ideas and tutorials to make animal cards out of hearts. If your kids are making handmade Valentines this year, why not make a zoo of all kinds of animals? They’re fun to give and receive!

Valentine’s Day Bird Feeders

Show a little extra love this Valentine’s Day by putting out treats for the birds and squirrels with this handmade bird feeder. Wine and Glue (link opens in a new tab) shows you how to make these heart-shaped crafts that can be hung from the trees in your yard or handed out as gifts.

Handprint Love Bug

Looking for an easy craft for your little ones? Small children can get hands-on with these love bug Valentines from Crafty Morning. The best part is that they get to express their creativity by making each one look different. Crafty Morning 

(link opens in a new tab)

Bleeding Tissue Paper Heart

Bleeding tissue paper is a special type of paper sold in craft supply stores that is made to bleed when it gets wet, resulting in beautiful art. Housing A Forest (link opens in a new tab) shows you how to use bleeding tissue paper to make a unique and pretty heart project.

Painted Heart Craft

With a little bit of painter’s tape and plenty of paint, kids young and old can make lovely pieces of art to be used as décor or handed out as Valentines. Hand your kids their paintbrushes and follow Bless This Mess’ (link opens in a new tab) instructions.

Framed Button Heart

Little ones will love strategically placing buttons inside the heart template, and the result is a lovely piece of art. This precious piece, when framed and hung, makes great décor for Valentine’s Day or year-round. Check out Carrie Elle’s (link opens in a new tab) blog to find the instructions and printable heart template.

Symmetry Heart

This simple project is great for toddlers, and it turns art into a learning experience about symmetry. Get out the paint and smocks, and check out Housing A Forest’s tutorial. (link opens in a new tab)

Valentines Potato Stamping

With a couple of potatoes and an adult who is careful with a knife, you can create simple stamps. The kids can use these stamps to decorate Valentine cards or play tic-tac-toe as Crafty Morning’s (link opens in a new tab) example shows.

LOVE Fingerprint Art

Inspired by Robert Indiana’s iconic artwork, this Valentine project requires kids to get a little messy, but the result is a beautiful piece of art. Thanks to Momista Beginnings (link opens in a new tab) for the idea.

Heart Yarn Cards

Kids can practice their sewing skills and create colorful, textured Valentine cards with this project from Hello Wonderful. (link opens in a new tab)

Paper Plate Pizza Valentine

Boys will like this saucy idea for Valentine cards since they aren’t overly lovey-dovey, plus it’s always fun to make your own pizza. Crafty Morning (link opens in a new tab) has the simple tutorial.

Chalk Stencil Heart Collage

With colored chalk and black paper, your kids can make Valentine’s Day art that really pops. This project is great for kids of all ages to express their creative side and explore the different ways they can use chalk. Thanks to Buggy and Buddy (link opens in a new tab) for the idea.

Yarn Hearts

Kids can get crafty with just some yarn and wire with this project by Family Chic. (link opens in a new tab) Yarn hearts can be hung as decorations or given as Valentines. The plus side? Easy cleanup!

Celery Heart Stamped Valentines

You and your kids can easily stamp hearts onto handmade Valentines using something you likely already have in the fridge: celery. How Wee Learn (link opens in a new tab) shows you how easy it is to start stamping.

Cork Love Bugs

It’s time to get out those old wine corks you’ve been collecting because No Time For Flash Cards (link opens in a new tab) has a great craft idea. Little ones will enjoy making and playing with these love bugs that they can hand out to friends or keep for themselves.

Easy Sewing Valentines Card

Here’s a project for the little ones that encourages fine motor skills with a sewing activity. The Pleasantest Thing (link opens in a new tab) shows you how to make these easy Valentine cards.

Noodle Necklace

Toddlers can get crafty and practice their motor skills by stringing painted noodles to make a colorful Valentine necklace. The Alison Show (link opens in a new tab) provides some great tips and tricks to make this project easy for your little one.

Valentine Name Puzzle

Not only are these name puzzles fun and easy to make, they are a great learning tool for little ones who are practicing using scissors, spelling their name, and matching up puzzle pieces. Check out How Wee Learn (link opens in a new tab) for more.

Heart Pocket Craft

If your child needs a place to put all of their Valentines goodies, this paper plate heart pocket might be the perfect solution. Meet Penny (link opens in a new tab) shows you how to create and decorate this craft.

Sweet and Simple Love Bug

Skip the paper and make these adorable, three-dimensional Valentines to hand out this year. Kids can play with them or keep them as little pets on their desk at school. Check out My Teen Guide (link opens in a new tab) for the instructions.

Fingerprint Heart Relief Canvas

Create a work of art that represents the whole family with this idea from Mum in the Madhouse. (link opens in a new tab) After everyone has taken turns dipping their fingers in the ink, this piece can be framed or sent as a Valentine to distant relatives.

Climbing Love Bug

No one wants to see a bug crawl up the wall, but you’ll certainly make an exception for this handmade interactive love bug craft from All For The Boys. (link opens in a new tab) When the project is complete, the kids can make the bug crawl up and down with the pull of a string.

Felt Heart Fairy Wands

Make some Valentine’s Day magic happen with these colorful fairy wands. Let’s Do Something Crafty (link opens in a new tab) provides the tutorial so you and your kids can make these sparkly fairy wands and spread the Valentine love.

Hershey Kiss Rings

More fun than candy attached to a Valentine card is candy that you can wear. Help your girls craft these delicious pieces of jewelry following Mom On Timeout’s (link opens in a new tab) tutorial.

Heart Shaped Binoculars

Where are you, Valentine? These heart-shaped binoculars from Happily Ever Mom (link opens in a new tab) might just help your child find their Valentine. Simply grab a couple of empty toilet paper rolls to get started.

Valentine Marbled Salt Dough

Mix up some salt dough to create these cute Valentine decorations from Twodaloo. (link opens in a new tab) Little ones will enjoy playing with the dough and mixing colors together to create heart-shaped ornaments.

Woven Heart Baske

Woven heart baskets have been a popular Valentine craft for years. They require minimal supplies and the result is a cute gift that will hold a few pieces of candy. Check out The Artisan Life (link opens in a new tab) for the tutorial.

Inchworm Pencils

Hand out school supplies to your kids’ classmates as Valentines this year with these cute inchworm pencils. Alpha Mom (link opens in a new tab) shows you how to craft these cute Valentines.

Stained Glass Window Valentine

Make beautiful stained glass window Valentine cards with colorful tissue paper scraps. Once you’ve finished, hold it up to see how the light shines through. Creative Family Fun (link opens in a new tab) has instructions to make this unique card.

Shaving Cream Valentines

Borrow Dad’s shaving cream and get a little messy with this craft idea from Mess for Less. (link opens in a new tab) Your kids will create beautifully marbled Valentine cards that they can give out to their classmates.

Butterfly Pencil Valentines

Buggy and Buddy (link opens in a new tab) shows you another cute way to hand out pencils as Valentines: in the shape of butterflies. You’ll also find printable labels that you can attach to them.

Magic Inflating Conversation Hearts

With this part craft, part science experiment from Playdough to Plato, (link opens in a new tab) your kids can share conversation heart messages while getting a cool learning experience.

DIY Window Clings

This DIY window cling project is a fun tracing activity for kids that results in cute Valentine decorations to stick to the windows. You’ll find directions and printables at The Connection We Share. (link opens in a new tab)

Salt Art Project

Your child will feel like a scientist with this unique art project from Love Taza. (link opens in a new tab) You’ll need some eye dropper/pipettes to create this colorful piece.