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LIV carry on for family trip article

What to Pack in Your Carry On for Your Next Family Trip

Traveling with your family can be hectic, but it doesn’t have to be a complete hassle. Like any group related activity, traveling with children is a lot of moving parts. Suddenly you are not only responsible for your passport, ticket, and luggage but you have to keep your kids in check too. Depending on the age you may also be carrying your children and everything they need, so how can you sail smoothly through security checks and make it to the gate without an issue? Preparation and packing are key! This pack list will give you a great idea of what to pack on your carry on to make your next family trip go smoothly.

What To Pack?

Water bottles: When wondering what to pack in your carry on, start with hydration: the climate-controlled low humidity environments of planes are proven to cause dehydration which is usually more than half the reason you or your children will have symptoms of nausea on planes. The dehydration caused in this environment also weakens your immune system. With the number of people circulating through these planes and the fact that your kids love crawling around in the aisle, it is incredibly important to keep the whole family hydrated! Once through security, stop at a water bottle filling station and throw a packet of liquid IV in there which will both hydrate your children and make them more likely to want to drink water!

Snacks: When planning what to pack in your carry on, you will definitely want to make snacks a priority. Traveling is draining, especially for young kids. Depending on the length of your flight, you are going to want pack snacks or a meal. We fruit, trail mix, granola, and some light crackers that can help with nausea. If your flight is longer, make sure to make some sandwiches. Once up in the air, you won’t have access to healthy or reasonably priced food so remember to pack an ample amount!

Extra layer: The last thing you want is to be 30,000 feet up in the air and have your kids asking for a sweater that is stuck below in the cargo section. Always bring an extra layer to keep everyone cozy and increase the chances of napping!

Passport and ticket holder: You probably know by now not to trust your kids with their tickets. Get a small ticket carrier to keep the whole family’s boarding passes in one place. This method is easier for the flight attendants and eliminates the stress of making sure everyone holds onto their own ticket.

Melatonin/Sleep Aid: If you are going on a 6+ hour flight, it may be a good idea to bring a sleep aid. It can be hard to get your children to sleep in the excitement of being in a plane or maybe just sitting upright. Especially if there is a time change, planes are a great way to catch up on sleep. Bring some of our sleep aid or melatonin pills to make sure both you and the kids can catch some Zs.

Wipes: No matter what age your children are wipes are a no brainer when planning for what to pack on your carry on. After a few hours on a plane, no one will be refusing a nice cleansing face or hand wipe.

Ginger chews or gum: If your children tend to get car sick or nauseous easily, make sure to bring a remedy. While ginger chews are strong, they are also sweet and may be a great solution for this depending on your child’s tastebuds. Gum is also a great option and can help with ear popping during changes in altitude. Get a natural peppermint gum that will remedy nausea as well as altitude.


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