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Dove what's the right male grooming product for you article

What’s the Right Male Grooming Product For You?

A lot of men ask: Is men’s skin different to women’s? The answer is yes, but that’s because everybody’s skin (including yours) is unique. If you don’t know what male grooming products you need for your skin type, keep reading. We spoke with Men’s Health to share some tips and recommendations that make skin care for men simple.

Dry skin? Protect every inch with moisture

Dry skin in men isn’t uncommon – in fact, a study by the International Journal of Women’s Dermatology shows men’s skin loses hydration faster than women’s. So, if your skin looks dull and feels a little rough (especially in winter when humidity levels are lower), you need to protect it.

Try swapping your current shower gel with our Dove Men+Care Clean Comfort Body & Face Wash. (Link opens in new window.) This refreshing body wash for men is made with MicroMoisture technology, which helps lock in your skin’s natural moisture and leaves it feeling hydrated. 

Oily skin? Purify it – but don’t forget to care for it too

Research by the International Journal of Women’s Dermatology also suggests that men’s skin has higher levels of sebum, which is the oil produced by our skin. This means oily skin in men (and the breakouts that come with it) can be more common.

If your skin looks shiny even after you’ve washed it, you need a body wash for men that can purify it while still giving it the care it needs. Try our Dove Men+Care Deep Clean Body and Face Wash. It’s made with purifying grains, which help scrub, cleanse and refresh your skin. It’s also equipped with MicroMoisture technology, so you can tackle oily skin without leaving it feeling dry. 

Combination skin? Give it the best of both worlds

If you have oily skin in some spots (like your forehead, nose and chin) and dry skin in others, this means you have combination skin. You’ll need male grooming products that can care for both skin types, but this doesn’t mean that your skin care routine for men needs to be complicated.

Enter our Dove Men+Care Extra Fresh Body + Face Wash. It helps refresh oily skin. Plus, our MicroMoisture technology ensures any dry patches feel hydrated and protected.

Now you know your skin a little better, read our grooming guide to learn why you need to care for it every day.


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