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An Open Letter from Bill Moore CEO & Director of DeCA

Please take a moment to read this important message (link opens in a new window) regarding the acceleration of the CLICK2GO (link opens in a new window) online shopping experience at your local commissary from the desk of the Director & CEO of Defense Commissary Agency, Bill Moore.

Shopping at your local commissary has just been made easier and as a thank you for your service & sacrifice, all service fees have been waived when you shop online using Click2Go Internet Ordering & Curbside Pick-up! (link opens in a new window)

letter from deca

An Open Letter to Our Military Family from Bill Moore Director & CEO of Defense Commissary Agency

Remember that grocery store you and your family grew up with – the one that had all of your favorite specialty items from around the world and the butcher who was always happy to cut that special roast for your family’s meal? I remember it, too, and I also remember the cashier who offered a wink and a smile because she knew us so well, it felt like family. I remember it so well because it was my commissary.

At the Defense Commissary Agency, we exist to serve you. More than 65 percent of our workforce has a personal connection to the military as a veteran, a retiree, a military family member or a reservist. We are all a part of this exclusive and most deserving community.

As an active duty member, retiree, reservist or disabled veteran, you have earned the exclusive right to shop in a commissary. Our promise has always been that the Commissary gives back to you for your service. Eligible patrons like you save nearly 25 percent versus what you would pay in commercial grocery stores off the installation. Nearly $25.00 back in your pocket on every $100.00 you spend on groceries if you shop your commissary!

Although we offer significant savings, you deserve more. We also offer clean, safe stores, healthy options and great customer service. Most importantly, we are making shopping your commissary easier and more convenient. I am thrilled about the future of your commissary benefit!

Based on your input, we accelerated our internet-ordering/curbside pickup grocery service, Commissary CLICK2GO. This service helps you plan your meals, meet your household needs and access digital coupons and promotions, all at your fingertips. You can print out your shopping list matched to your store’s aisles or we will have it waiting for you so you can just swing by and pick it up. In a number of locations, our delivery partners will even deliver your order to your home or barracks.

Want to plan your monthly shopping stock-up mission or just fill-in? Explore Commissary CLICK2GO™. Want to make savings even easier and not pay a Commissary CLICK2GO picking fee? Participate in the Commissary Rewards program.

Let us prove how we can be your grocery store of choice, delivering the exclusive commissary benefit you have earned through your service…from the convenience of your computer, tablet or phone or by walking our aisles. Thank you for your service and sacrifice. We look forward to helping you enjoy your hard earned commissary benefit.