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Simple your gym skincare routine article

Your Gym Skincare Routine

You made it! Through the doors of the gym, where lunges, squats and workouts await. Whether you’re a heavy HIITter or prefer a calming yoga class, you should try to make some time for your gym skincare routine too. Not sure where to start? Here’s a routine (and some tips and tricks) to get your gym skincare in shape.

Cleanse your skin first

It seems obvious, but if you’re rushing straight into a class, whipping out the face wash is likely the last thing on your mind. You may not be thinking about a moisturizing face wash, but pollutants, make-up and sebum build up after your day, and when mixed with sweat, they can clog pores and potentially irritate your skin. The solution? Sweep away the day fast with a face wipe like Simple® Kind to Skin Cleansing Wipes. (Link opens in new window.) A fresh pack in your gym bag means your skin is always workout ready.  

“Heading to hot yoga? Keep a washcloth in your gym bag to use as a cold water compress if you’re prone to flushing, it’ll cool down skin in a flash.”

Cleanse your skin post-workout too

Yep, afterwards too. From sweaty towels to water bottles and gym equipment, we touch a multitude of things, and then our faces (eek!). But have no fear, post-workout face wipes come to the rescue again! A quick sweep (again!) with a face wipe after your workout, or a speedy face wash, will help keep your face (and hands) sweat and grime-free, plus it’ll stop those impurities from sitting on your skin.

Keep calm with Chamomile

Chances are, skin may get a little red after a workout. It’s normal! Your skin (and body’s) circulation is likely increased, meaning there’s more blood flow to the surface of the skin, so you’ll probably want a face cream for redness. Off to a dinner date straight after boot camp? Pick products with ingredients like Chamomile (Bisabolol), which is well known for its calming properties on skin.

Moisturize, always

Skin feeling a little oilier? We hear you! After pedaling in a spin class, skin (and your hairline) can feel greasy. But don’t skip your moisturizer, since even oily skin needs moisture, especially to replenish hydration levels post-workout. Keep a lightweight moisturizer like Simple® Kind to Skin Protecting Light Moisturizer in your gym skincare kit to replenish once you’ve cleansed.

See? A few quick tips are all it takes to step up your gym skincare routine. From wiping away the day’s mascara before you slide on your gym shoes to that last namaste—your freshly-cleansed skin will love you for it.


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