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Knorr 3 ways to cook delicious chicken drumsticks article

3 Ways to Cook Delicious Chicken Drumsticks

Chicken for dinner! You know your family loves hearing that, and that’s why you’re always willing to please them with delicious recipes such as chicken drumsticks or thighs. These chicken parts are known for being so delicious and versatile, that you can cook them in many different ways. Here we share some of the most common ways to literally get more flavor and juice out of your chicken drumstick recipes.

Chicken Drumstick or Thigh Stew

This is perhaps one of the most common ways to make chicken drumsticks or thighs, and nobody can resist the authentic flavor of stewed chicken. The mixture of vegetables and aromatic spices together with Knorr® Tomato with Chicken Bouillon (Link opens in new window.), give it that Latin flavor that your family loves so much. Thigh meat or chicken drumsticks are juicy by themselves, but when cooked together with the other ingredients, they form a sauce with finger-licking taste, as grandma would say. This dish can be paired with rice and beans or a fresh salad if you prefer something lighter.

Baked Chicken Drumsticks

When cooking chicken drumsticks in the oven it is important that you marinate them for a couple of hours in the refrigerator before cooking, in order for them to absorb all of the flavor. When you put them in the oven you must remove the liquid from the marinade, since the chicken will release its own sauce and it will be very juicy. It is important that you cook the chicken drumsticks at 350°F until they are golden brown, because if you increase the temperature the meat could dry out. Pair this recipe with a delicious Black Bean Salad.

Fried Chicken Drumsticks

This recipe is so easy and quick to make that you will have your dinner ready in a few minutes. The secret here is to place the chicken drumsticks previously marinated with Knorr® Chicken Bouillon (Link opens in new window.) in a pan with very hot olive oil, and cook over medium heat so that they are not raw on the inside. Make sure you turn the thighs until they are well browned.

The frying technique is also perfect if you want to cook breaded chicken drumsticks, they will come out with a crispy texture and an unbeatable flavor! You can pair this dish with rice and vegetables, or French fries.

Now that you are an expert at cooking chicken drumsticks, discover the secrets to cooking tasty and juicy chicken breasts.


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