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LIV 6 dehydrating activities that will surprise you article

6 Dehydrating Activities That Will Surprise You

If you’ve landed here, hydration is likely an important part of your wellness routine. Maybe you never leave home without your favorite flavor packed in a bag or bottle, or you prep before parties and tough workouts with a few extra sticks to share with friends. But what about the activities that you wouldn’t suspect as dehydrating? Since 3 out 4 Americans may be dehydrated, we’ve rounded up such a list. That way, you don’t have to think twice about when to double down on hydration.


Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink. It’s an honest question: can you really be thirsty if you’re surrounded by H2O? Absolutely. Just like with any other cardio activity, swimming does make you break a sweat—even if it’s not immediately obvious. Plan to drink up as soon as you towel off.


Even though it’s a cold-weather sport, skiing works up a sweat while you’re speeding in the sunshine—it simply evaporates more quickly, so you may be unaware of how much water you’re losing. Plan to hydrate before, during, and after your time on the mountain (or bunny hill, no judgment).


Are those in-flight pretzels making you thirsty? Maybe, but chances are it’s also the lack of humidity inside the pressurized cabin of your airplane. When the cart rolls down the aisle, opt for a bottle of water and add some Tangerine Hydration Multiplier+ Immune Support. (Link opens in new window.)


It’s meditative and relaxing, but gardening—and all the crouching, digging, lifting, and planting involved—is outdoor work and can certainly break a sweat. Keep water nearby and sip frequently.


This one may feel more obvious, but it’s important to note that a sauna session can lead to dehydration, thanks to the high temperatures and perspiration they inspire. Our tip? Start with shorter sessions and aim to hydrate before and after your time inside.


While coffee itself won’t technically dehydrate you, it’s a diuretic, which can cause frequent trips to the restroom. No need to swear off the bean—just make sure to have some hydrating liquids to balance between each mug.


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