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Axe find your signature scent article

How to Find Your Signature Scent

Want to make a great impression without saying a word? A signature scent is a great place to start. But what is a signature scent?

Your signature scent is a smell that is distinctly you. You’re always going to smell of something. The fabrics you wear, and your hair naturally pick up scents, and they mix with your natural body odor as the day wears on.

“Ok great, but what is my signature scent”? The good news is that can be up to you. Pick a scent that works for you and stick with it. Cool. So, next step – how to find a signature scent that you actually like. 

Fragrance 101

You wouldn’t want to listen to a song made that was just one note. It’s no different with fragrance.

The best fragrances have different scents layered on top of each other, creating top, middle and base notes. These notes come from two main families: fresh (think citrus, flowers, and rivers) and warm (think campfire, spices, and leather).

AIf you want to know how to find your signature scent, the first step is figuring out if you’re warm or fresh, or a little bit of both? Fresh-dominant scents are great for feeling clean, energized, and ready for adventure – spray some on after the gym and you’re good to go. But when you’re looking to get out of the friendzone and set the scene for a date, you can’t go wrong with warm.

Different scents also suit different weather. The season, time of day and temperature are all important things to consider before loading up on fragrance. When the weather’s hot, then the fresher the better: citrus and floral scents are better for a summer pool party than cinnamon. In contrast, warm notes like campfire and clove can heat up those frosty nights. Context is also important: a fun scent like coconut is great for a road trip, less so for a job interview.

How to find a signature scent

Ok, so now you know the basics about scents. But with so many options, it can be hard to know how to choose your signature scent. Our most popular fragrances are a great place to start – here’s a quick rundown:

Axe Phoenix is the classic fresh scent. Our top selling fragrance, its revitalizing mix of crushed mint and rosemary keep you feeling fresh all day long, making it great for days where you need to conquer your commute, keep the boss happy and slide into someone’s DMs. 

Want to know how to choose a fragrance for a man who wants to slow things down and turn up the heat? Well, you can’t go wrong with Axe Apollo. Named after the god of the sun himself, this fragrance is always in our top 3. It derives its warmth from earthy cedarwood, for a subtle but confident masculine scent that draws people in, towards its warmth.

Can’t decide? We got you. Axe Black is fresh and warm, so you feel cool and confident, approachable, and sexy. Frozen pear blends with woody scents for an invigorating all-rounder that adds dazzle to your watercooler chat and makes sparks fly on first dates. 

These top sellers are all available as a body wash, deodorant, antiperspirant or body spray[RC(7] , but if you don’t think you’ve found the perfect match, don’t worry. We’ve got tons more to choose from, including our New Fresh Collection. But beware: our fragrances are seriously addictive! 

Applying your scent

Generally speaking, a fragrance’s top notes are strong at first, but slowly evaporate. The mid and base notes aren’t as obvious at first, but will linger for longer, making the fragrance evolve over time.

What does that mean when it comes to knowing how to choose your signature scent? Make sure to take into account all the notes when you’re sniffing out your choice. And if you love the scent straight out of the box, then spritz a little bit on your clothing or hair to make the top notes last longer. For more guidance on applying your new signature scent, check out these handy tips. 

Now, what are you waiting for? Get out there and smell great!


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