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OIT 2023 RCPT D-Day article

Unilever Proudly Supports The Round Canopy Parachuting Team

Unilever is proud to support the work of the Round Canopy Parachuting Team (RCPT-USA Foundation Inc.), a not-for-profit organization dedicated to honoring the history of Allied Airborne Forces past, present, and future. Through commemorative and demonstration round canopy airborne operations, RCPT-USA increases public awareness of the heroism and sacrifice of Allied troops from WWII onward. 

RCPT-USA offers flag demonstration exhibition jumps and tandem parachuting opportunities to veterans and their families so that they can experience first-hand a sense of pride in these heroic acts. These special occasions offer a unique way for military families to honor the memory of their loved ones who served our country. Additionally, these events are designed to bring people together and foster unity through shared experiences. 

The RCPT-USA foundation also offers support services to its members, providing them with resources such as gear maintenance, group jumps, safety training, and more so that they may continue performing round canopy parachuting safely and successfully. In addition to its direct services for members, RCPT-USA also has an ongoing mission to promote public education on the history of Allied Airborne Forces through educational programs in schools across the country.  

Unilever is proud to support RCPT-USA’s efforts in honoring our nation’s heroes by providing financial donations as well as equipment donations in order to help them achieve their goals. We believe that this type of commemoration honors those who have made great sacrifices while also providing support for veterans and their families. We encourage all interested parties—military families, donors—to learn more about this amazing organization at (Link opens in new window) or contact them directly at for more information about how you can join this worthy cause! Thank you for your service!

As part of our efforts to support RCPT-USA, we are proud to showcase the Unilever NASCAR! Watch for Justin Allgaier to race the vehicle or catch it at a Commissary near you! You can also find special recipes below!

Royal Canopy Parachuting Team B&W original

If you want to help support the work of RCPT, you can click here to donate. (Link opens in new window.

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