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Knorr Perfect Pasta in Four Easy Steps article

Perfect Pasta in Four Easy Steps

Pasta doesn’t need to be laden with cheese or sauce, or contain ten different ingredients to taste good. Pasta recipes taste best when they’re simple, using just a few ingredients to bring them together. Using our gluten-free Knorr Selects Spinach Florentine with Penne Pasta , here’s a guide to help you create well-balanced, tasty dishes every time. These one-pan pasta recipe ideas work for both gluten-avoiders and gluten-lovers alike.


Whether it’s meat, fish, beans or eggs, protein will give your dish both sustenance and flavor. The beauty of pasta is it works well with any of these. Adding beans, like garbanzo beans in this Lemon, pine nut & garbanzo bean pasta recipe will give your dish buttery creaminess that’s filling, too.

Flaked fish, such as salmon, is wonderful with pasta; try this Salmon & broccoli pasta recipe – poaching the fish fillets in water is a better technique than frying it in butter. Or try lean meat, such as chicken breast in this Paprika chicken & tomato pasta dish; here, chicken breast is pounded and grilled so it cooks quickly without drying out, and it’s delicious tossed through pasta.


Using fresh ingredients that encompass a range of colors is a good sign that you’re eating a varied diet. Pasta recipes are a great way to make the most of variation, especially when it comes to vegetables. Whether it’s throwing in a handful of cherry tomatoes, like in this Paprika chicken & tomato pasta , a bag of spinach, a bell pepper or that last bit of broccoli, like in Salmon & broccoli pasta , it’s easy to add some additional nutrients, while tasting great too!


Texture keeps things interesting and creates a nice balance of crunch to contrast the al dente pasta and tender protein. First things first, make sure you don’t overcook your pasta! Soggy pasta is never nice, so keep an eye on the packet instructions. Nuts will add crunch and contrast; try toasting them first to release their nutty flavor, then stir through just before serving, like in this Lemon, pine nut & garbanzo bean pasta.


Swap that extra pinch of salt for a grating of cheese, a twist of black pepper, a squeeze of lemon juice or a sprinkling of fresh chili; these are great ways to add flavor without the extra sodium, and can make a bowl of pasta into something delicious.

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