Grilled Mac & Fiesta Strangewich

Grilled Mac & Fiesta Strangewich

Preparation Time10 mins Cooking Time3 mins Makes 1 serving

Bite into our delicious Grilled Mac & Fiesta Strangewich made with Hellmann’s® Real Mayonnaise, creamy macaroni and cheese, and salsa.

Nutritional Information


740 (1 serving)

Calories from Fat

400 (1 serving)

Total Fat

45g (1 serving)

Saturated Fat

16g (1 serving)


75mg (1 serving)


1590mg (1 serving)

Total Carbs

57g (1 serving)

Dietary Fiber

6g (1 serving)


10g (1 serving)


26g (1 serving)


60% (1 serving)


20% (1 serving)


120mg (1 serving)

Vitamin A

20% (1 serving)

Ingredients List
  1. 2 Tbsp. Hellmann's® or Best Foods® Real Mayonnaise, divided
  2. 2 slices country white bread
  3. 1/4 cup salsa
  4. 2 slices cheddar cheese
  5. 1/2 cup prepared macaroni and cheese, warmed



1. Evenly spread 1 tablespoon Hellmann's® or Best Foods® Real Mayonnaise on one side bread slices. Heat large nonstick skillet over medium heat. Add bread, mayonnaise-sides down. Evenly top with cheddar cheese. Cover and cook over medium-low heat until bread is golden and cheese is melted, about 3 minutes.

2. Meanwhile combine macaroni and cheese with remaining 1 tablespoon Hellmann's® or Best Foods® Real Mayonnaise.

3. Remove toasted bread from skillet; top 1 slice with macaroni and cheese, then salsa and other slice toasted bread.