Rolled Ice Cream Dessert Recipe

Rolled Ice Cream Dessert Recipe

Preparation Time20 mins Makes 2 servings

Co-created with So Yummy, Breyers® Cookies & Cream and strawberries are all that’s needed to make this easy but elegant dessert recipe.

Ingredients List
  1. 2 scoops Breyers® Cookies & Cream
  2. 3 strawberries (for garnish)


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1. Scoop: Spread some ice on a sheet pan. Place another sheet pan over the ice then spoon Breyers® Cookies & Cream onto the top sheet pan.

2. Freeze: Use a flat spatula to smooth the Cookies & Cream scoops to fit the entire sheet pan. Place parchment paper over it and cover with another sheet pan of ice. Let sit or freeze overnight.

3. Roll it: Use the same flat spatula, and cut and roll the Cookies & Cream. Serve and eat immediately.