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Knorr campsite to kitchen article

Campsite to Kitchen: Rice Recipes to Transform Your Cooking

Whether you’re cooking at home or in the wilderness, one-pot recipes are always useful to have up your sleeve. These rice recipes are created to work in one pan, helping to lighten the load when camping and to save on the washing up even when you’re at home. Here are some ideas to adapt these dishes from campsite to kitchen, so you can throw in extra flavor when you feel it needs it.


The lack of a fridge or cooler can you leave you with little choice out in the wilderness; canned beans, canned meats, fish and even tofu can offer a great alternative protein source. At home, invest in fresh ingredients to help stretch your meals further. Try stirring two beaten eggs into this Asian fried rice recipe, then allow it to cook in the residual heat for a minute or so.


Canned vegetables can provide important nutrients without extra prep needed. Great for camping! At home, you may prefer using fresh or frozen veggies in your dishes. For some extra flavor, try broiling corn on the cob until charred, then cut off the kernels and stir them through this Cheesy Mexican rice recipe for extra smokiness and flavor. Remember, any number of fresh vegetable can be added to a one-pot rice dish; perfect for using up those odds and ends leftover in the refrigerator.


When you’re camping for several days, it’s a great idea to put/separate one or two of your favorite seasonings into smaller, individual containers so you can flavor your meals quickly and easily. Back at home, you’ve got more freedom. Try throwing in a super-hot Scotch Bonnet chili to make this Jamaican rice & peas really sing. Or add a grating of lemon zest to this Greek-style chicken & rice or chop and stir some fresh herbs, like cilantro, parsley or mint, through this simple Chicken & mushroom rice recipe.


A crumbling of cheese, a few chopped nuts or a scattering of fresh herbs just before serving can really brighten up a meal. Try toasting the nuts until golden in this Persian-style rice or Rice pilaf recipe, then scatter them over just before serving for extra nuttiness. Crumble a small amount of feta cheese on this Greek-style rice dish – a little goes a long way – or finely chop some fresh green herbs and scatter them over any one of our rice dishes.

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