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Talenti difference gelato ice cream sorbetto article

Gelato vs. Ice Cream vs. Sorbetto: What’s The Difference?

Did you know gelato isn’t just the Italian word for ice cream? There’s a real difference between the proportions of ingredients, textures, and flavor profiles between the Italian and US versions of these frozen treats. And when you add flavorful sorbetto into the mix, you have three deliciously unique desserts. Get the scoop on all the differences between the treats in this tasty trio, below. And if you’re still unclear, let your tastebuds discover the distinctions with a taste test of your favorite Talenti flavors.


  • In the US, Ice Cream must contain 10% milk-fat
  • Higher fat than gelato because it’s made with more cream than milk
  • Often has a bit less sugar than gelato
  • Typically contains more air than gelato and therefore tends to be lighter in texture


  • Lower in fat than ice cream because it’s made with more milk than cream
  • Tends to contain less air than ice cream and therefore has a denser texture
  • Typically has a bit more sugar than ice cream to give it a soft, scoopable texture at the lower air level
  • Best served at slightly warmer temperatures than ice cream to help with scoopability and to promote release of flavor


  • Does not contain any milk or cream and is therefore dairy-free
  • Typically has the lowest fat content compared to ice cream and gelato since its primarily water-based
  • Tend to be fruit based and relies on the right balance of water, sugar, and lots of fruit to deliver texture and flavor
  • Usually contains less air than ice cream to give it a dense texture

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