Veggie Taco Bowl

Veggie Taco Bowl

Preparation Time10 mins Cooking Time15 mins Makes 4 servings

Restaurant bought taco bowls are good, but homemade ones are even better! Enjoy these trendy taco bowls with fresh peppers, beans, and corn but without the mess of traditional drippy tacos.

Nutritional Information


350 (1 serving)

Total Fat

6g (1 serving)

Saturated Fat

0.5g (1 serving)


400mg (1 serving)

Total Carbs

61g (1 serving)

Dietary Fiber

8g (1 serving)


9g (1 serving)


12g (1 serving)


86mg (1 serving)


3mg (1 serving)


403mg (1 serving)

Ingredients List
  1. 1 Tbsp. vegetable oil
  2. 1/2 cup thinly sliced red onion
  3. 1 large red or green bell pepper, sliced (about 1 1/2 cups)
  4. 1 can (15.25 oz.) no salt added black beans, rinsed and drained
  5. 1 can (15.25 oz.) no salt added corn kernels, drained
  6. 1 tsp. ground cumin
  7. 2 cups water
  8. 1 package Knorr® Fiesta Sides™ - Taco Rice
  9. 2 Tbsp. chopped fresh cilantro



1. HEAT oil in large nonstick skillet over medium-high heat and cook onion, bell pepper, beans, corn and cumin, stirring occasionally, 5 minutes. Remove and set aside.

2. ADD water and Knorr Rice® Fiesta Sides™ - Taco Rice to same skillet and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer covered 7 minutes or until rice is tender.

3. STIR in vegetables; let stand covered 2 minutes. Stir in cilantro. Serve if desired, with your favorite taco toppings such as, chopped avocado, tomato, onion, shredded cheese, lime wedges, sour cream, sliced radishes and hot sauce; now it's delicious. Dig in!