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WMP article

Weekly Meal Plan

Save Time & Money Using Similar Ingredients Across Multiple Recipes!


Whether it’s PCS season or just trying to stretch your dollar, it can be easy to find yourself either making the same thing each day or spending more money to get more flavors.

With Unilever’s great brands, though, you can use similar ingredients across multiple recipes to give you and your family a variety of options throughout the week! Don’t waste time and money in the drive-thru line! You’ll be able to save time and money and put it to better use – like spending it together as a family or sharing time with friends!

This week’s meal plan has base ingredients of Hellmann’s or Best Foods Mayonnaise and Shrimp for simple meals full of flavor for the family! Click the links below for the recipes and then head to your local commissary to pick up the ingredients!

Buy Hellmann’s or Best Foods at the Commissary by clicking here! (Link opens in new window.)

Final Lap Macaroni Salad with Shrimp
HBF final lap macaroni salad with shrimp

Sauteed Shrimp with Chipotle Sauce
HBF Real sauteed shrimp with chipotle sauce

Grilled Asian Kababs
HBF Real grilled asian kabobs

Coconut Shrimp Minis with Tropical Sauce
HBF Real coconut shrimp minis with tropical sauce

Bangin’ Shrimp with Asian Slaw
HBF Real bangin shrimp with asian slaw