Stuffed Avocados

Stuffed Avocados

Preparation Time15 mins Makes 4 servings

Hellmann’s Stuffed Avocados are filled with a mix of celery, apples, chickpeas, and mung beans, all tied together with Hellmann’s Plant Based Mayo.

Nutritional Information


380 (1 serving)

Total Fat

26g (1 serving)

Saturated Fat

3.5g (1 serving)

Polyunsaturated Fat

7g (1 serving)

Monounsaturated Fat

12g (1 serving)


270mg (1 serving)

Total Carbs

36g (1 serving)

Dietary Fiber

13g (1 serving)


11g (1 serving)


8g (1 serving)


6% (1 serving)


10% (1 serving)


740% (1 serving)

Vitamin C

45% (1 serving)

Vitamin A

6% (1 serving)

Ingredients List
  1. 1 lime
  2. 1/4 cup Hellmann's® or Best Foods® Vegan Dressing and Spread
  3. 1/4 cup chopped fresh cilantro
  4. 2 cups cooked, cooled sprouted mung beans
  5. 1 can (15.5 oz.) chick peas, rinsed and drained
  6. 1 large Honeycrisp apple, cored and julienned
  7. 1/2 cup thinly sliced celery, (about 1 stalk)
  8. 2 avocados, halved and peeled



1. Grate 1 teaspoon peel and squeeze 2 tablespoons juice from lime and combine with Hellmann’s® or Best Foods® Vegan Carefully Crafted Dressing and Sandwich Spread and cilantro in large bowl.

2. Add remaining ingredients except avocado halves and stir to mix. Season, if desired, with salt and pepper. Spoon over avocado halves.