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christmas leftovers recipe meal plan article

Make the Most of Your Leftovers!


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The Ultimate Leftovers Sandwich
HBF ultimate leftovers sandwich

Turkey Sandwich
Maille turkey sandwich carousel

Turkey Bacon & Avocado on Baguette
Maille turkey bacon avocado baguette carousel


Aloha Ham & Cheese Strangewich
HBF Real aloha ham cheese strangewich

Grilled Ham & Cheese
HBF Real grilled ham cheese

Toasted Ham & Cheese Tortas
HBF Real toasted ham cheese tortas

Fettuccine with Ham & Asparagus
Knorr fettuccine with ham asparagus

Ham & Cheese Hot Pockets
HBF Real Maille ham cheese hot pockets

Ham & Potato Croquettes
Knorr ham potato croquettes

Twice-Baked Potatoes with Ham
HBF Real twice baked potatoes with ham

Cheesy Ham & Cheddar Broccoli Pasta
Knorr cheesy ham cheddar broccoli pasta

Ham & Peas Parmesan
Knorr ham peas parmesan

Crunchy Chicken Cordon Bleu
Knorr crunchy chicken cordon bleu

Caribbean-Style Fried Rice
Knorr caribbean style fried rice

Cuban-Style Rice & Beans
Knorr cuban style rice beans

Dijon Ham & Cheese Hand Pies
Maille dijon ham cheese hand pies carousel

Decadent Grilled Ham & Brie Sandwich
Maille decadent grilled ham brie sandwich carousel

Holiday Ham Breakfast Sandwich
SirK holiday ham breakfast croissant carousel


Roast Beef Sandwich with Chipotle Mayo & Pepper Jack Cheese
HBF Light roast beef sandwich with chipotle mayo pepper jack cheese

Zesty Beefy Bites
HBF Real zesty beefy bites

Roast Beef Sandwich with Pickled Red Onions
Maille roast beef sandwich with picked red onions carousel